A perfect physique is a common desire. However, our eating patterns and busy lives often get in the way. The need to stay fit has placed fitness at the front-burner of conversations over the years, leading to incredible advances in gym technologies and methods.

Here, we look at the top 5 gyms in the world.

Gold ’ s Gym, Venice Beach, California

Located in Venice Beach, Gold ’ s Gym is one of the best gyms in the world. It was founded by ‘Geo Gold’ on August 25, 1965. The gym is one of the largest Co-ed chains globally, having over 700 clubs across 27 countries and six continents. Recent data states that Gold’s Gym has over 2 mi llion members globally. The gym features various exercise classes, personal trainers, and exercise tools to help clients out.

Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

Bev Francis owns the Bev Francis Gym and is the first woman to bench 300 lbs. Located in Syosset, New York, this gym features plenty of equipment, ranging from starters to professionals. There is a section for submission fighting, kickboxing, and boxing. The gym provides expert services through specialized trainers. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym has been labe led as the go-to place for weightlifters.

Oxygen Gym, Kuwait

Established by Mr. Olympia front-runners Big Remi and Ahmed, Oxygen Gym has quickly made a name among the bodybuilders’ group. The gym is equipped with a state-of-the-art facility and top -notch equipment. It features a pool, spa, in-house restaurant, and supplement store.

Trainers here studied the art of bodybuilding even before anyone recognized them at the gym. The gym is so advanced that professionals like Nathan de Asha (UK) and William Bonc k have moved to Kuwait or stepped in for a year or two to train at the facility. Oxygen Gym is reputed to have produced over 100 bodybuilding champions.

City Athletic Club, Las Vegas

Renowned as the gym to have equipment unlike any you’ve seen elsewhere i n the world, City Athletic Club is an ultramodern gym and ranks among the top gyms in the world. Housing over 100 elite fitness trainers, the City Athletic Club is full of bodybuilding and fitness stars. Jeya Jung, a gym developer, has helped place this gy m on the international scene with state-of-the-art equipment, stunning d é cor, and luxurious facilities.

Metroflex Gym, Arlington, Texas.

The primary objective of Metroflex Gym is to help deliver results, and they cater to those who desire to be successful in staying fit. The program features a free weight loss routine, proper diet, body transformation, posture, and competition preparation. Metroflex stands out as one of the most consistent gyms to produce more competition winners than any other fitness cen ter.

The ranking of the top 5 gyms fluctuates based on the changes in training programs, technology , and upgrades . These five have been carefully analyzed as the Top 5 gyms globally. Whichever one you choose, be sure that you’re getting the best gym service available in the world.