Purchasing jewelry pieces, curating them, and designing them is a wholesome experience. After acquiring jewelry, a critical aspect always left out is its aftercare.

For jewelry pieces to remain durable, un tarnish ed, and long-lasting, it is imperative to c arry out proper aftercare immediately after it is worn or if it ’ s stored for long periods of time. This post discusses seven care tips for jewelry of different kinds.

1. Keep jewelry away from Light Rays and Heat

Pieces of jewelry are prized possessions, a nd just like we care adequately for sensitive parts of our body like the eyes ears, we ought to handle jewelry with proper and due care. Keep jewelry out of light rays and heat as much as possible. Some gemstones used will lose their sheen and durability o nce exposed to these condition s for extended periods .

2. Moderate Use of Ultrasonic Cleaners

While it is advisable to use cleaning agents for jewelry, applying them in moderate quantities is advised. Interestingly, ultrasonic cleaners have been found to h ave adverse effects on gems topped with plastic or wax and those gems that are sensitive to heat.

It is advisable to employ the services of jewelry experts when using ultrasonic cleaners, as they know which ultrasonic cleaners should be used and at what f requency per piece .

3. Have a Jewelry Pouch, Box, or Bag

After using jewelry, it should be polished and stored neatly in a bag or box and not on set out on wooden surfaces or porous tables. This is because the stones and materials used to make them are hi ghly sensitive, and they must be kept in a safe place away from surfaces that may cause scratches and damage.

4. Always alternate jewelry pieces

Having a favorite piece of jewelry or set is not strange – what matters is how you rotate the items. The const ant wearing of a particular piece may make it lose its quality and sheen. Even when you have a favorite among your collections, always use each item in turn for durability.

5 . Store different kinds of jewelry separately

Keep pieces of jewelry made of gold in a bag separate from that in which silver is stored to prevent the silver from scuffing. It is also a jewelry hack to keep silver pieces with chalk.

6 . Avoid spraying jewelry pieces with perfumes and other liquid products

Before dressing up for that day out or dinner date, it is advisable to be fully dressed before donning your jewelry. This is because spraying hair products or perfume on them could weaken their quality and durability.

7 . Regular checkup and cleaning of jewelry pieces

Depending on ho w often a piece of jewelry is worn, it should be checked regularly for any scratches, damage, or tarnishing. It is also necessary to select a cleaning day at least once yearly (more often if you wear lotion and sunscreen) for all jewelry pieces you own . Ho wever , this should be after adequately understanding the materials needed to clean the jewelry and the essential procedures.