Staying fit requires a lot. It doesn ’ t just have to do with hitting the gym. Resisting the urge to try out junk food is demanding, and we often end up eating it anyway. This urge is due to the marketing strategies employed by these food companies. The more sales they make, the more it affects your chances of staying fit.

It ’ s imperative to listen to nutrition experts over persuasive marketers for your diet and n utrition needs. You would do yourself a lot of good by assimilating valuable information on which foods you should avoid to stay fit.

Ice Cream

A cup of ice cream is always enticing, but the sugar, fat content, and high calories make it undesirable for t hose looking to stay fit. You may have been convinced that synthetic sugars like corn syrup are an excellent alternative. On the contrary, they are the worst.

Processed sugar commonly used for ice cream is dangerous for your health. As such, it ’ s essentia l to avoid processed sugars if you ’ re very serious about maintaining fitness.

Fried Foods

One of the slow but sure journeys to heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes is fried foods. Deep-frying foods help preserve them. However, studies have shown that the oils used in the frying process are high in saturated fat, which is very unhealthy when consumed for any length of time without moderation.


Do you know that an average slice of pizza has about 250 calories? Maglaras G., a famous nutrition expert, e xplained that toppings such as meat could increase it to 390 calories. Do not get carried away by the idea that tomatoes, cheese, and yeast make it safe to take a bite. Avoid pizza if you want to stay fit.

White Rice

According to Shonali Soans, M. S., R. D., a registered dietitian at New York City Nutrition, white rice can hurt your blood sugar levels. This is because of the process of refinement it undergoes before being packaged . If you ’ re looking to maintain good health and avoid type 2 diabetes, you ’ re advised to avoid an excess ive intake of white rice. Instead, go for alternatives like wild rice or ancient grains.

Diet Soda

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda are the primary reasons why you ’ re advised to stay clear of them. According to Soans, such artificial sweeteners are more dangerous than actual sugar. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to gastrointestinal issues and the development of diabetes.

Red Meat

Studies have shown that eat ing red meat is unhealthy for the human body. It has been identified that red meat raises the risk of having type 2 diabetes, certain cancers – especially colorectal cancer – and stroke s .

Avoiding all the foods listed above is the first step to maintainin g a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. That great body profile is within reach – all you need to do is watch what you eat.