Relationships can be complicated . You may be ready to start a serious relationship but want to pick the brains of some people who know a lot about this subject. This article will give you a head start.

There is usually a certain stigma that comes with reading relationship books. Please know that there is nothing wrong with wanting to fix yo ur relationship or simply trying to understand how it works by reading books. Remember that no one knows it all, so get comfortable learning more about something regardless of what others think.

There are tons of books that are related to love and success ful relationships. That is why we have compiled five important books 0n relationships that we believe you should read to understand all that it entails.

Getting The Love You Want

In this book, Harville Hendrix encourages the reader to consider what kind of affection they require, such as what encourages closeness and what causes negative sentiments, and how to apply these insights to improve their connection with their spouse. It also comes with exercises to be done by you and your partner.

The Five Love Languages

Everyone shows love in different ways and feels loved in different ways. Sometimes, relationships don ’ t work out simply because some one may not be loved in the way they prefer . On the other hand, people may not necessarily be aware of their love languages. Gary Chapman has found a straightforward approach to understanding, displaying , and respecting each other ’ s love languages.

Think Like a Man

Written by a famous comedian, Steve Harvey, ‘ Think Like a Man ’ delves into the prerequisites of a prope r relationship. It helps both men and women understand what they need to do and who they need to be as individuals to have a successful relationship. This book is a must-read, especially for women.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

John Gottman , Ph.D., undertook a multi-year investigation into successful marriages and condensed the findings into this book. He focused his research on behaviors that either strengthen or weaken relationships. He developed the seven principles to steer spouses down a road to long-term partnerships based on those practices.

Difficult Conversations

Communication is one major thing a lot of couples find difficult to explore. Sometimes, hard conversations need to be had, but couples tend to avoid those conversations for fear of the unknown and fear of confrontations. If you are in this situation, this book is perfect for you. It will help you navigate those challenging discussions you may need to have with your partner.

It doesn ’ t matter where your relationship stands no w; it can get better. When you have read the highlighted books, practice what you have learned and see if you get the desired results.

Finally, remember that reading these books alone doesn ’ t help; you also have to be intentional about applying the knowledge.