Your baby ’ s best buddy right now is a short, exciting book, which is appropriate for read-aloud, bedtime, and even teething.

A baby ’ s first year is usually quite thrilling. As infants try to engage with their environments, their minds are busy figuring things out. While they may still be tiny, reading stories to your baby is a thrilling exercise. Undoubtedly, it is a unique experience; it helps develop a stronger bond between you and your baby . It also helps bu ild your child ’ s mind — especially their cognitive development and speech.

It also teaches a child how to communicate, listen well, memorize things, and build their vocabulary abilities by introducing topics like numbers, alphabet, and even shapes in an en gaging way .

It is never too early to build your child ’ s vocabulary and help them eventually become avid book lovers.   Here are some fantastic books to read to your baby!

Time For Bed – By Mem Fox

Time for Bed ’ s rhythmic wording and lovely images are ideal for lulling children to sleep. This nuanced storybook is full of calming language that describes tiny animals being advised to sleep by their parents, just as it occurs in human families every night. For over 30 years, parents have depended on it at bedtime. More interesting is that it was penned in less than an hour.

Counting Kisses – By Karen Katz

With this book, you get to teach your baby how to count down from ten to one while also teach ing them about body parts and smothering them with kisses.

Go Dog, Go! – By P.D Eastman

This book talks about goofy dogs who are large and little, swift and sluggish, and all are heading to a dog party in this traditional examination of opposites!

4 . Full, Full, Full of Love – By Trish Cooke

This book introduces a young boy with an unshakable bond with his grandmother. Jay Jay, with his “ Grannie, ” devote the day preparing Sunday supper for the entire family, and it ’ s all narrated in rhythmic writing that you and your child will appreciate.

The narrative is repetitious, which helps newborns remember what they ’ ve learned. It ’ s also an excellent baby book to read with grandparents.

Baby Happy Baby Sad – By Leslie Patricelli

A baby is upset when they fall, but hugging a kitten can bring joy. The board book ’ s straightforward illustrations educate babies to understand their emotions. It is a good book because it enables infants to understand what hurts them and makes them excited.

Little You – By Richard Van Camp

This 24-page book is on our list simply because it has beautiful illustrations, is rhythmic and straightforward, and has the perfect setup for a good storybook for your baby.

You need not worry about what books to read to your baby. The list of excel lent books you can read to your child is nonexhaustive; one can never read them all. The most important thing is to read them to your baby with love and excitement.   Go for it!