Whatever occurred in 2021, one thing is sure : there were undoubtedly a lot of wonderful books available for you to read. If there were great novels in 2021, there should be no doubt that 2022 will continue to usher in wonderful reads.

Perhaps your resolution for 2021 was to read many books, and somehow, you fell short of that. Don ’ t worry. The year is still fresh , and there is still so much time to make that resolution and diligently stick to it.

If you are wondering where to start, we have you covered. Out of the many books out there, we have five of them we think you will enjoy. These are books that will enterta in and educate you.

VIOLETA   by Isabel Allende

This is an epic story from the best-selling author of A Long Petal of the Sea in New York. Violeta is a narrative about a little girl whose life is impacted by momentous events. She shares her narrative in letters, reminiscing on incidents in her life. Isabel Allende has created yet another intensely compelling and profoundly touch ing epic. If you love historical fiction, this book is undoubtedly a must-read for you.

TO PARADISE – Hanya Yanagihara

This novel begins in an altered version of America in 1893 but spans three centuries by the time you reach the end. To Paradise is not only a brilliantly written story during the turn of the century, but it is also an emotional masterpiece. At the center of this beautiful work is Yanagihara ’ s knowledge of the unbearable ur ge to protect people we love and the anguish that comes when we can ’ t.

BOOK LOVERS – Emily Henry

If you are a rom-com book lover, please get in here.   Nora Stephens ’ life revolves around literature, and she isn ’ t your typical heroine. When Libby asks her for a sisters ’ trip away, she agrees to go to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina , in August because she is convinced she needs to become the heroine in her own story. Ins tead of meadow picnics, she keeps running across Charlie Lastra, a geeky gloomy editor from the city. It is slated to release in May, so get ready.


THE CANDY HOUSE – Jennifer Egan

The Candy House is a vibrant, colorful image of a future only a few years away. You almost feel like you ’ re in a role-playing game traveling between worlds focusing on social networking, gaming, and parallel universes. It is a must-read.


BLACK CAKE – Charmaine Wilkerson

Following the passing of their mom, Eleanor, Byron, and Benny Bennett are left with many unanswered questions. The majority of the queries were around the legacy she left behind: a classic Caribbean black cake.

Now that we have highlighted five excellent books to get you started , don ’ t forget to add them to you r reading list and learn as much as you can.